Men's Skinny Jeans 

Men's Skinny Jeans 

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Grey Ripped Jeans

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Mens skinny jeans deliver a classic look that never goes out of style. At La Haute, we’re obsessed with creating perfectly tailored jeans - and our collection of mens skinny jeans is no exception! ...

We’ve spent years carefully refining our style in mens skinny jeans, creating pants that fit comfortably and look fantastic. These mens skinny jeans offer a relaxed feel and a clean cut that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Ideal for casual days out with mates, or a refined style for formal events - mens skinny jeans will always be one of the most dynamic and versatile looks that money can buy.

Mens Skinny Jeans by La Haute

Our mens skinny jeans are designed to be staples in the wardrobe of every Aussie man. When it's time to pull on the super skinny jeans to step out into the world in full style and confidence - then there's no choice but La Haute.

Black Skinny Jeans Men

Looking for super skinny jeans? Nothing beats black skinny jeans men. Shop our range of black skinny jeans for men, from charcoal to black and shades of blue.

Quality Mens Stretch Jeans

Try on these mens stretch jeans in full comfort. La Haute's expert cuts and men's skinny jeans in super-stretch cotton fabric make our skinny jeans the most comfortable you'll ever own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans are slim pants that offer a close fit in the legs and ankles. The difference between skinny jeans and regular jeans is that a standard cut will sit straight on the hips and legs, whereas a slim style is a more streamlined and close cut.

Blue, black and white skinny jeans all look terrific. Whatever your style, and wherever you’re headed - if you want to stand out, you simply can’t go wrong with a great pair of skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans have been a staple of the Aussie Man’s wardrobe for a long time now. With clean lines and classic tailoring, you're sure to stand out in a crowd. They’re tailored to make you look taller, slimmer and leaner - creating a streamlined look that you’ll love to wear.

It can be tough to find the perfect pair, because so many of the top brands don’t deliver the right styles for Australian conditions. But luckily, La Haute is here to deliver all of the classic cuts - tailored to not only look amazing, but also be super comfortable, without the huge price tag.

If you’re searching for mens skinny jeans in Australia, La Haute is your first and only choice. Our signature skinny style is different from just any old pair of pants. They stand apart from other kinds of jeans because of our unique, tapered fit that can be made to suit both casual and formal styles.

Are mens Super skinny jeans still in style?

Absolutely! How are we so sure that mens super skinny jeans are definitely still in style? Both black and white super skinny jeans continue to top our bestseller list, with hundreds of pairs shipping from our warehouse every season. There's no doubt about it!

True classics never go out of style. A quality pair of well-cut jeans will deliver a look that can last a lifetime.

That’s why it’s so important to find a great menswear brand that makes quality men's skinny jeans. Once you find that great fit, you don't ever have to look left or right again.

La Haute works tirelessly to design and manufacture the perfect men's skinny jeans for Aussie men - including our clean-cut, slimline skinny jeans.

Black skinny jeans are a must-have essential in any wardrobe - black skinny jeans, plus their classic blue denim counterpart. Once you find the black skinny jeans size that’s right for you, we recommend investing in both colours, so you have the perfect choice for any occasion.

Black super skinny jeans deliver a classic look - think black super skinny jeans for men with a baggy top or tailored shirt. Blue jeans are a timeless casual look, perfect for a relaxed weekend lounging in a loose tee and thongs. White super skinny jeans are increasingly popular - such as white skinny jeans for men paired with a white tee and shoes.

What to wear with skinny jeans?

The great thing about mens skinny jean is that they’re easy to wear with so many other pieces of clothing.

T-shirts, hoodies and button-ups are all ideal choices to pair with mens skinny jeans. Choosing what to wear is simply based on the weather, event and your personal style - and both black and white skinny jeans look brilliant.

Loose-cut baggy shirts always look great with La Haute mens skinny jeans. A slightly oversize shirt contrasts well with the slimline cut of the skinny jeans, for a classic relaxed look.

Vintage tops and op-shop finds also pair particularly well with mens skinny jeans. Wearing a new pair of black skinny jeans - or even white skinny jeans - with an aged shirt or faded denim jacket, creates a classic, timeless look which effortlessly blends into any occasion.

If you’re headed to a more formal event, you can even add a shirt or blazer for a classic smart-casual look. White skinny jeans can look brilliant, while black skinny jeans are such a versatile look that they can be dressed up for a comfortable yet confident vibe.

And don’t forget - find the perfect cap and a well-chosen pair of sunnies to complete your look.

Why not take a risk and try a whole new style for yourself? With La Haute men's skinny jeans, you can always trust that your super skinny jeans are in style - giving you the perfect opportunity to experiment with the rest of your look!

What shoes can you wear with skinny jeans?

Men's skinny jeans are one of the most versatile pants around, meaning that you can match them with pretty much any pair of shoes in your collection.

Skate shoes like Vans and running shoes like Nikes offer an equally timeless appeal. You can chuck on a pair of these shoes with any kind of men's skinny jeans, whether you’re headed to the supermarket or to the city nightlife.

If you need to dress it up a little more, perhaps for a casual day at the office or an evening dinner date, then why not try a pair of Doc Martens? These classic shoes have been in style since their creation back in the 1940s. Docs are iconic - in part because they pair so well with men's skinny jeans!

Want to switch it up and try something different? Then why not try a pair of loafers? These may not be the most popular pair of shoes on the market right now. However, with their slim style and quality leather, they can really elevate a pair of black skinny jeans into a seriously stylish look.

Do skinny jeans make you look taller?

We all know that being taller makes you look thinner. Based on this concept, skinny jeans, if designed and made well, can make anyone look taller and slimmer.

Pairing skinny jeans with oversized shirts and tops, along with big, chunky shoes like boots or docs, will give you a taller, slimmer, leaner look. Men's skinny jeans can create the illusion that your legs are longer than they are.

Wearing super skinny jeans higher on your waist can also make you look taller. Buying your skinny jeans slightly larger than usual will allow you to wear them in a high-waisted style - elevating your waistline and lengthening your legs.

Don't forget about black stretch jeans. This slimline look offers a sleek and powerful look will really help you stand out from the pack!

Once you find a great pair of skinny jeans that suit your build and your budget, you’ll stick with them for years to come. And at La Haute, this is exactly what we deliver to our customers - every single day.

With so much hard work gone into perfecting our skinny jeans, we've come up with something that should be an important part of any Aussie man’s wardrobe.

Our super skinny jeans are custom-designed to fit the Aussie lifestyle. Spend a summer day out for brunch or at the park, then head straight to the bar, restaurant or club - all in the same pair of La Haute skinny jeans.

Where can I shop for mens skinny jeans?

Shopping for new looks should be a fun experience, but often ends up being tiring, boring and frustrating. You know the look you want to achieve, but can never find the right style of clothing to pull it off.

We’ve all had days out shopping, looking for the perfect style of men's skinny jeans, before giving up and settling on a pair that doesn’t look or feel the way you want them to.

But since COVID-19, online shopping has exploded. Now, it’s possible to buy pretty much anything on the internet, and online shopping delivers a great experience that’s just as good, if not better, than the real thing.

Today, there's no visiting dozens of different stores to search for the right style and fit of skinny jeans. You can simply browse the entire La Haute collection from the comfort of home. Looking for white skinny jeans for men? Or stretch denim shorts? Everything is here, and our online store shows off our full collection.

You’ll see the exact design, manufacturing, colours and fits, along with customer ratings and reviews. You can select any size you need and not have to worry about whether our store has what you need in stock. It’s the quickest, easiest and simplest way to shop for menswear. Buy Mens Skinny Jeans now. 

Got your La Haute skinny jeans? Now pair them with a casual t-shirt to complete your look!

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